Designed for learning, made for the classroom

Why choose Chromebooks?

Set up faster than a class sits down

High achievers, low price point

Shapes and sizes for every learning need

Making a difference in & out of the classroom

Quickly deploy, manage, and set policies for 100 or 100,000 devices Automatic updates and built-in multilayer security Simple for students and teachers and integrated with G Suite for Education and Classroom

Low cost devices make computers truly accessible 61% lower total cost of ownership than competitors Designed from the ground up to be shareable with an unlimited number of students

Versatile form factors support a wide variety of learning needs Millions of web apps help students engage deeply and build skills of the future Android apps, the largest mobile app ecosystem, rolling out on select devices

Students access all their work from any device, simplifying organization and allowing them to focus more on learning Easier to assign hands-on projects and encourage deeper skill development Helps educators personalize learning, engage students, and improve overall performance

Chrome Education Upgrade

Control everything from one simple console with 24/7 support for $38 per device

Lock devices so they can only be used on your domain

Push apps & extensions to your domain or sets of users

Enforce policies to keep students safe

Administer tests at scale with kiosk apps